Press conference in Mexico: Signing of an agreement with the chambers of industry

In order for companies to improve their competitiveness and young people to find jobs that are fit for the future, the Confederation of Chambers of Industry of Jalisco (CCIJ) signed an agreement with the AFOS Foundation to promote dual training.

“This will benefit 960 companies in the Centro-Bajío-West region, working with Aguascalientes, Guanajuato and Querétaro through Coparmex in addition to Jalisco,” explained Enrique Rubio León, coordinator of the project in Jalisco.

The goals for Jalisco are to reach 192 companies that have jobs in dual programmes and 240 students who will participate in the project over the 3-year period.

In addition, a business association of dual education is to be established in Jalisco by the government, the academic sector and the business community. The dual education model creates benefits for students as well as for universities, companies and the state in general.

Gustavo Padilla Montes, Rector of the University Centre for Economic Management Sciences (Cucea) of the UdeG, explained that this is an ambitious plan for the country, which also reflects the commitment of the industrial sector of Jalisco, which is concerned about the social situation and economic growth. He stressed that the pandemic had brought with it the combination of face-to-face and virtual learning, and that the hybrid model had now finally arrived in everyday training.

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