Alianza Para La Formación - Digital Economy & Tourism

Increasing youth unemployment in Colombia, especially within marginalised populations, has been exacerbated by the global Corona pandemic. The Colombian Ministry of Education sees the qualified training of young Colombians as the central solution and identifies the current qualification needs mainly in the two sectors digital economy and tourism – especially the latter has suffered a strong slump due to the pandemic.

Our AF DigiTur project aims to work closely with the relevant Colombian authorities, training institutions, companies and business associations to further develop dual training and qualification opportunities in the two sectors of the digital economy and tourism and thus make a sustainable contribution to reducing youth unemployment.

How do we intend to achieve our goals?

  • We support our project partners in the (further) development and implementation of demand-oriented dual vocational training.
  • We develop measures and offers that support graduates of dual vocational education and training in their transition to the labor market.
  • We support our partners in promoting dual VET in their networks and expand them for this purpose as needed.