The AE Dual project

Due to the pandemic, Mexico is confronted more than ever with high youth unemployment and a shortage of skilled workers. In the search for sustainable solutions, interest in the German model of dual vocational education and training is growing, as it not only provides high-quality vocational qualification for young trainees, but also one that is tailored to the needs of the companies.

The aim of our AE Dual project in Mexico is to introduce a dual vocational training system of outstanding quality that contributes to improving the competitiveness of companies and increasing the employability of young people. This creates the opportunity to specifically counteract the high youth unemployment on the one hand and the shortage of skilled workers on the other.

How do we intend to achieve our goals?

  • We activate and formalise an entrepreneurial alliance between companies, business associations, political institutions and educational institutions that promotes and supports dual training and training for excellence in the Centro-Bajío-West region.
  • We develop – according to business needs – suitable and high quality dual education and training programmes or adapt them where training programmes or modules already exist.
  • We enable a large number of young trainees and companies to enter the newly established dual
    vocational training system.
  • With the help of the experience gained in our model region Centro-Bajío-West, we want to transfer our project approach to the region of the Pacto Oaxaca and thus enable or simplify access to dual vocational training for other regions in Mexico.