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Long-term specialist/project manager (Colombia)

AFOS Foundation for Entrepreneurial Development Cooperation

The AFOS Foundation for Entrepreneurial Development Cooperation is an independent and non-profit foundation that is affiliated with the Association of Catholic Entrepreneurs (BKU) and was founded in 2003 from among its members. Based on Catholic social teachings and oriented to the guiding principle of the social market economy, we promote entrepreneurial independence as a central element of sustainable development in developing and emerging countries.
The projects of the AFOS Foundation are supported with funds from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through sequa gGmbH.

For a further BMZ-funded partnership project in Colombia we are looking for 01.11.2021 (expected date of project approval)
Long-term specialist/project manager for dual vocational training in the project region Medellín/Colombia
Place of employment: Medellín/Colombia
Contract duration: from November 2021 to October 2024 (with extension option, if applicable)
The Project
The Colombian business association Asociación Nacional de Empresarios de Colombian (ANDI), together with the Medellín Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is striving for collaboration between companies and the region’s education providers, particularly in the areas of Industry 4.0 and digital skills and tourism. This is where the project wants to start, by supporting the establishment of local networks between the companies and the educational institutions as well as the strengthening of inter/national alliances through digital learning platforms.
The long-term expert is the project manager of the BBP project in the Medellín region in coordination with the AFOS Foundation, sequa gGmbH if applicable, and in cooperation with the Colombian partners. The scope of duties includes the implementation of the measures for dualized education as well as the capacity development of the chambers and associations in the design of dual education and participation in the national policy dialogue.
Your tasks/responsibilities
– Coordination and management of the project in the Medellín region in coordination with the AFOS Foundation, sequa gGmbH and in cooperation with the Colombian and German partners, mainly with the umbrella organization ANDI, the Medellín Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the national training institution SENA.

– Establishment of the additionally required project infrastructure in Medellín and technical management of the project team on site.

– Implementation and monitoring of the project measures according to the requirements of the project application and BMZ approval, i.e.
~ Establishment of dual education and training clusters of relevant stakeholders (chambers, associations, companies, vocational training centers, universities, etc.) in the IT and tourism sectors identified for the project region.
~ Development of qualification profiles in coordination with local authorities/stakeholders.
~ Participation in the conception and exemplary implementation of dual education approaches with the participation of companies.
~ Participate in documentation, evaluation and validation of dual education practice examples.
~ Supporting and enabling chambers/associations to actively design and implement dual education and to lead the policy dialogue.
~ Participate in discussion and development of conceptual foundations for new financing instruments for dual training, especially for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.
~ On-site management and responsibility of funding.

– Participate in detailed project planning at the beginning and in a project progress review at the end of the project together with the other stakeholders.

– Participation in committees in Colombia.

– Communication, coordination and reporting to the technical management of AFOS in Cologne.
Our requirements/your qualification
– University or technical college degree and several years of experience in Colombia.
– Several years of work in the field of vocational training and/or chambers and association partnerships.
– Several years of experience in development cooperation in similar projects.
– Several years of experience in project management, administration and personnel management.
– Relevant professional experience in working with/in chambers and/or associations, including the field, policy dialogue.
– Strong cooperation and teamwork skills and intercultural competence.
– Regional knowledge.
– Methodological-didactic and conceptual knowledge of vocational education.
– Experience in management and organizational development.
– Very good knowledge of the German, Spanish and English languages, both written and spoken, sound computer skills.
Please send your application documents by 15.09.2021
(Cover letter, CV, salary requirement, availability)

By e-mail to: Ms. Kröschel, info@afos-stiftung.de