Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeister is the new Chairman of the Board

We are pleased to welcome Dr Wilhelm Hofmeister as the new Chairman of the Board in our AFOS team. Dr Hofmeister looks back on around 35 years of professional experience with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, for which he was country representative in Chile, Brazil, Singapore and Spain. He also headed the departments for Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

From now on, Dr. Hofmeister will contribute his rich international expertise and his great commitment to international cooperation to the work of the AFOS Foundation.

With his election as Chairman on 9 June 2022, a fourth member was added to the AFOS Board. Dr Hildegard Stausberg, Norbert Weiß and Ana Puyalto continue their work as board members.

Together, we join forces and work on the strategic development of the AFOS Foundation for a world in which responsible sustainable entrepreneurship and qualified vocational training for young people become more a matter of course every day.