Our Vision

We see ourselves as part of a world in which every human being deserves a dignified life. The basic prerequisites for a dignified life are access to food, health care and education. This is still often dependent on a reliable income, stable state structures and the possibility of social participation. However, in many countries of the world, the necessary framework conditions for a dignified life free from poverty are still lacking, especially for the less privileged population groups.

We, the AFOS Foundation, would like to make a contribution to creating economically sustainable stable living conditions for disadvantaged population groups by supporting local small entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises and thus to fight poverty in the long term.

In doing so, we are guided by the principle of subsidiarity, which focuses on the self-determination and personal responsibility of our partners. We use our resources and know-how to promote entrepreneurial activities on the ground and thus awaken the inherent strengths that exist in every society and every individual.

The needs of our partners in their respective life contexts have top priority in our projects.

We always work together with local partner organizations, such as

  • Microfinance Institutions
  • Business Associations and Chambers
  • Cooperatives
  • Educational Institutions

Our local partners know the local conditions and needs best. As the AFOS Foundation, we mobilize expertise and financial resources to help develop and professionalize the work of our partners. In this way, we can ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of our activities.

Wherever possible, we also network with other actors in development cooperation to join forces and strengthen our efforts to fight poverty and create participation.

With our work, we contribute to the following sustainable UN development goals (SDGs)